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GIS - Data at it's best

We produce exceptional visual information tools, by mapping data !

Mobile GIS

Yellow Dot Geospatial has developed a variety of in-field data collection methods. These allow rapid collation and utilisation of the data, while eliminating the requirement for field personnel to return to base, before the data is available for use by other team members

GIS Training

We are experienced in providing hands on GIS training, at introductory and advanced levels. We can help ensure your staff are more efficient and responsive to using and understanding GIS. You can keep your team ahead of the game by using Yellow Dot Geospatial GIS training services

GIS Services

At Yellow Dot Geospatial, we understand how our GIS services can help clients explain complex issues to diverse stakeholders and interested parties.  We produce exceptionally effective information tools, which build confidence through the visual-based understanding of project elements, their location and timing

GIS and Predictive Analysis provides a competitive edge by visualising data, infrastructure, environment and possible events.

Would you like to know more about GIS and what it can do for you and your business?

Why Yellow Dot Geospatial

As a leader in GIS and Spatial Analysis, Yellow Dot Geospatial has many years of experience in applying advanced techniques in the analysis of data and business processes.

We like to assist individuals, organisations and companies, so they make smarter, well informed decisions quickly.
Integration of the latest technology, and by thinking outside of the box, allows Yellow Dot Geospatial to help clients complete and manage complex projects, make sound business decisions and reduce project costs while maintaining quality.

We believe in keeping things simple. The solutions we provide to our clients are effective and efficient. This helps to keep costs lower than many of our competitors.
We provide our clients with the spatial analysis tools to answer the “Where is ” and “What if ” questions and keep you ahead of your competition.

About GIS

Geospatial technology is rapidly changing the world
and how we make decisions.  We provide effective
solutions to leverage this technology and keep you
and your team ahead of the game.

Who is using all this GIS?

Without even thinking, tens of millions of people access
directions and look-up local businesses from GPS enabled
mobile phones every day.  When you submit data, such as
posting a geo-Tweet (a location-based Tweet on Twitter),
or rating a restaurant you are adding data to one or more
GIS data sources.

The FAQ section of this  site, will provide you with some more information about the basics of GIS.

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What people who have worked with us have to say

Wayne Moffitt

“Yellowdot Geospatial provides our environmental consultancy with a consistently high standard of GIS mapping and analysis.

Their work has been instrumental to our client’s success in many matters heard before the Queensland Planning and Environment Court, and Land Court.”

Wayne Moffitt Director 28 South Environmental 28 South Environmental
Jeremy Young

“Yellow Dot Geospatial provided us with a variety of reliable solutions, for our field data collection and mapping requirements. This included an amazing web mapping system which saves us time and money.”

Jeremy YoungDirector Arbor Australis Consulting Arbor Australis

We provide our clients with the Spatial Analysis tools to answer the “Where is” and “What if”  business questions, so you can keep ahead of your competition.