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We produce exceptional visual information tools, by mapping data !

    Environmental Analysis

    The mapping of environmental analysis is conducted for a variety of reasons. Some for the preservation of habitats and others to permit development or assess change.

      Site Selection

      Site Selection can be an involved process, with the results being the product of complex analysis. The siting of a Driver Rest Area is just as complex as, where to place a business to achieve the best results.

        Field Data Management

        Yellow Dot Geospatial has simplified the collection and management of field data through the use of “Web Mapping”.  So there is no need to wait for field staff to return from remote localities before the data can be used.

        Try our iOS App – Sun Star GIS

        This iPhone / iPad App lets you select images from your image library, converts the location information about where the photo was taken, into GIS files or a KML for use in Google earth, and also saves the image into the cloud. This is salvaging many hours of work for field personnel and GIS operators every week.

        Watch the short video and see what this amazing App can do for you.

        We are GREAT at what we do !

        The short video below shows a 3D PDF and its features

        • Cartography

          The world has already been mapped many times and now occurs on a ongoing basis with the use of satellites. However, our environment is always changing and by using the latest information will assist you, to be where you want to be.

          Sometimes you just don’t need complex analysis of data and all that is required is getting your data onto a map, which is accurate, easy to read and has eye catching design. We make sure the base map data is up to date and accurately represents the real world features. We ensure your maps communicate effectively and are easy to understand.

        Core Services

        • Environmental Analysis Mapping

          Much of our work in this area is utilised in applications for development or in the appeals process for the Land Court. Other uses include bushfire hazard mapping, rare and endangered species of fauna and flora etc.

        • Asset Management

          Location information is business critical. The mapping of where an asset is makes its management more efficient. Where? How many? Where do we put new? Are these safe for public use? Where are the underground pipes?

        • 3D Data models and analysis

          Creating 3D products provides a clearer understand to many clients and their staff. We have created a number of 3D Pdf files which will allow users to rotate objects and create cross sections while using Adobe Reader software.

          3D data was utilised by Yellow Dot Geospatial, for a project which required Sound and Flight Path analysis for a 20km radius around an airfield.

          Other uses include Terrain Analysis, Hydrologic studies, and Flow Accumulation models.

        • Site Selection

          Organisations need to position themselves geographically in order to compete against their rivals or ensure the personnel who depend on them will have access. Where do we need advanced medical testing facilities, Schools and Universities, Petrol Stations. Where should we build a supermarket. Data sources include Census information, Business data, Economic Resource Index, Market research etc.

        • Risk Analysis

          GIS technology is increasingly being used in spatial decision support systems. In the past few years, GIS emerged as a powerful risk assessment tool and is being put to use to assess risk to property and life stemming from natural hazards such as earthquakes, hurricanes, cyclones and floods.

          The application areas include surface water, ground water, marine resources, geology and mines, energy, agriculture, soils, urban planning, roads, forestry, and environmental hazards.